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About RR Western Workshop

RR Western Workshop is a small leather and rope workshop run by American Rebecca Rasmussen in the northern part of the Danish Jutland. I have made a number og different items for many years for my self, family, and friends. My quality is high enough to sell items, and I have often gotten praise from customers, that their purchases are much nicer than expected. I focus on the small details that give a better final product. Everything is made my hand, including seams, unless otherwise specified.

The workshop is not VAT registered and only runs  on the hobby level as my health permits. That means that all items are sold without the addition or inclusion of VAT, which helps keep the prices down.

Many items are suitable for more than just western riders. There is a good selection for those who want to train horsemanship, as well as the growing collection for western riders. I am also working to add a selection for dog owners.

I additionally  have a small selection of items that I haven't made myself. Bosals, some breast collars, and a selection of used items. We sometimes need to clean up our own tack room, so these things are listed in the used market.

 Because there are so many possibilities and I want to be certain that each customer gets their orders made exactly as they want them, I have chosen NOT to set up a web shop. To order, use the contact form or my e-mail and send information about what you want to order (color, size, personalization, etc.) along with the delivery type and your preferred shipping and payment method. Then I can answer your mail and ask for more details if needed.

It is easier to write than to call, because I don't always have a price list handy. Also be sure to let me know if you have questions or have difficulty deciding what item is right for you. Sometimes it seems like I just have too many options!


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